The Art of Compression


The Art of Compression FINAL 301

Why are compressors so fascinating, and why do so many people find them a mystery?

I often get the feeling that people are struggling when trying to understand compression, and that some engineers tend to make it more complicated than it really is. Also, with all the plugins around today, and the overwhelming amount of choice, it can be even more confusing. Which compressor should you pick and which one is “the best” for what you are trying to achieve?

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The Art of Equalization


The Art of Equalization, by Thomas Juth

Do you ever find yourself a bit lost when working with EQ’s, wondering if you are using “the right” approach, or are missing some important steps or knowledge? Do you sometimes feel that your mixes don’t come out sounding as open and smooth, as you would like?

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The Art of Creating Depth in a Mix


The Art of Adding Depth in a Mix


In this short e-book I take a closer look at another of my favourite subjects: working with ambience and the art of creating depth in a mix. The concept of depth is very important when trying to create mixes which have a 3-dimensional feel (rather than flat mixes, which are just taking place between left and right).

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