Thomas Juth is a Grammy Awarded Mixing and Mastering Engineer based at Svenska Grammofonstudion, Sweden.


Over the past 14 years Thomas Juth has built an impressive discography, which includes legends such as Cat Stevens (feat. Paul McCartney and Dolly Parton) and Elton John, as well as artists such as Jesse y Joy, Alec BenjaminA-ha, Jamie Cullum, Luis Fonsi, Manuel Medrano, Mamas Gun, Eric Gadd,  Zaz, Ricardo Arjona and FranThomas has also recently been working with South Korean superstar Park Hyo-Shin.

Thomas specializes both in Mixing and Mastering, and is an engineer who stands with one foot in the mainstream industry and the other one in the more independent artist scene. This balance has always been very important to him, in order to stay passionate about his work. 

Thomas is best known for his organic, exciting and “vibey” sound, where the emotional impact of the song is always in focus. He explains:

“To me the most important aspect of any song, production or mix is that it has the right vibe and character, and that it makes the listener feel something. As a Mix Engineer, my job is to find out what makes each song compelling, and to then reinforce that emotion.”

Thomas started his career at Mayfair Studios, in London, working as an Assistant Engineer. During three years at Mayfair Studios he was able to assist and learn from some of the greatest engineers and producers around, an opportunity which allowed him to quickly develop and improve as a Mix Engineer. In 2006 Thomas joined the Kensaltown Team, (James Morrison, Jason Mraz, Train, etc), led by well-known producer Martin Terefe. During the following seven years he mixed a large part of Martin’s productions, as well as other projects coming out of Kensaltown Studios.

Since 2019 Thomas has been based at Svenska Grammofon Studion (Gothenburg Sweden), where he works in front of a vintage 8048 Neve Console. 



Tip: You can now listen a selection of Thomas’ work on Spotify. Playlist: Mixed By Thomas Juth